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XSNANO Saved my engine

I’ve been using additives for years now on my line marking trucks and personal cars. I contacted Lubrication Solutions Pty Ltd and purchased their XSNANO oil additive (NLA-190) and immediately added it to my near end of life 18hp ‘V’ Twin Kohler engine which operates our paint pumps and compressors. Knowing this engine was nearing the end of life and consuming oil, I thought it would be a good test for this anti-friction additive. The results were amazing, to say the least. Knowing the oil was extremely low (zero reading on the dipstick) I operated the motor at 2200 rpm for a period of almost 8 hrs whilst undertaking a 10 km stretch of line marking. This is the crazy...

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Nan-Technology improving Fuel and Oil

Nano-Technology is improving oil and fuel XSNANO – Can make any lubricant better XSNANO is not just another type of oil on the market it is far from it. XSNANO is a better way to treat friction and wear on all moving parts in all types of oils and machinery. For decades we have tried to minimize “shear wear” using all types of chemicals and oils, some better than others. But now with the advances in Nano-Technology, we can apply a “Rolling Lubricant” between metal surfaces that dramatically reduce the metal to metal contact that causes friction and wear. Oils start breaking down from the minute you first start the engine or create friction in machinery. The most common causes...

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