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Fuel Economy Kit for Diesel

Fuel Economy Kit for Diesel

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Don't waste money when buying fuel                               

With fuel prices set to rise dramatically again, you should check to make sure that your vehicle is running as fuel-efficient as possible, and avoid paying too much for fuel.

Fuel economy kit

Is your engine actually "Fuel Efficient"?

Could you be wasting thousands of dollars on unnecessary fuel purchases?

This simple test kit will tell you just how your vehicles fuel economy is, and just how much money you have been wasting on fuel (Diesel or Petrol)

This kit will clean, lubricate and protect your fuel system as it performs the test.

How to run the test

Record your vehicles fuel economy now.

1) Top up your fuel tank and record the kilometres on your odometer (speedo mileage)

2) Drive the car as normal, then record how many litres of fuel it takes to refill the tank when ready to refill, and again record the kilometres travelled since last filled.

Then divide the litres of fuel used by the distance travelled then multiply by 100 to get the fuel economy per 100km. Or you can use the free and easy to use Fuel Economy Calculator on this website http://www.petrolcostcalculator.com.au/litres-per-100-km/

Example - Used 60 litres of fuel to travel 987 km (60/987 x 100 = 6.08 ltr per 100km)

Now add the XSnano test kit (NDA for diesel or NGA for petrol) and NLA for oil at a ratio of just 1ml per ten litres of fuel, and 1ml per 1litre of oil to ALL the fuel in your tank (50ltr tank add 5ml etc)

Then repeat the fuel economy test with the XSnano treated fuel.

Record odometer kilometres, then record the litres of fuel used next time you refill, keep doing this until the test is completed and all XSnano is about gone. 

Divide the litres of fuel used by the kilometres travelled and multiply by 100. Then compare the fuel economy before and after results.

This kit contains enough fuel treatment for 1,000 litres of fuel and 7.5 litres of oil

For more information please contact Kevin on 0411024117 or email Kevin@LubricationSolutions.com.au


Used at a ratio of 1;10,000 (One mil per ten litres of fuel). Improve Fuel Economy by up to 28%. Reduced Carbon Emissions (including but not limited to NOx, SO², PM) Environmentally friendly. Reduce harmful exhaust pollution by up to 98%. Reduced noise levels, Increases octane rating of petrol and cetane rating in diesel fuel by 2-8 RON Injector cleaner and power booster (no need to buy High Octane fuel), Fuel will not suffer condensation and stratification. Extended maintenance intervals, Effectively inhibit or eliminates carbon deposits in the combustion chamber including the spark plug, fuel spray nozzle, injectors, inlet valves and exhaust valves etc. Effectively cleaning colloid and impurities in the fuel system, so the fuel system will be cleaner and operate properly. Fewer maintenance costs, extending the engine's life. It works well for new and old engines, in all fuels and in all climates and seasons. No engine modification is required.